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May 13,2021
Having access to a functioning welder can be beneficial when working in your shop. In order to ensure that your welder works properly, caring for the contact tips is essential. The contact tip is responsible for transferring the welding current to the consumable wire as it passes through the center bore. When the contact tip malfunctions, poor weld quality could ensue.

Here are three tips you can use to help you better care for your contact tips in the future.

1. Make sure your welding wire matches the diameter of your contact tip.

When completing a weld, you will be feeding your welding wire through the contact tip. One of the easiest ways you can prevent damage to your contact tip during the welding process is to select a wire whose diameter matches the diameter of your contact tip.

A welding wire that is too large could clog up the contact tip, resulting in warping. A welding wire that is too small has the potential to melt too quickly, causing the contact tip to fill with liquified metal that will harden when cool. Be sure that you are using the right wire and contact tip for each welding project by checking to see that the diameters of each are a match.

2. Use an anti-spatter fluid when welding.

Whenever you engage in a welding project, you will create spatter. Spatter is the term used to describe the minute pieces of molten metal that scatter and splash during the welding process. These molten drops of metal can find their way into your weld, and they can also adhere to the outer surface of your contact tip.

If you want to avoid excessive cleaning or replacement of your contact tips, it's best to use an anti-spatter fluid when welding. This fluid reduces the amount of spatter generated, and can extend the life of your contact tips well into the future.

3. Keep your welding wire clean.

Since the welding wire passes through the contact tip with each weld, any dirt or debris on the wire will find its way into the contact tip. This dirt and debris could cause the tip to become clogged, rendering it useless.

Passing your welding wire through a fresh earplug can be a simple and affordable way to clean the wire before it travels through the contact tip. Clean welding wire will help you keep your contact tips in working condition.

Taking the time to care for your contact tips properly will ensure that your welding projects turn out as durable as possible. Contact a supplier, like Rs Electro, for more information.