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This information refers to silver tin oxide wires, profiles and contact tips manufactured by blending of silver and metal oxide powder (SP) or with additives (SPW), compacting, sintering, extruding and drawing or rolling to final dimensionaProfiles and tips are available with a backing layer of silver and optionalLy with an additional layer of a brazing ahoy.


The silver content is designated by the first number e.g. Ag/Sn02 88/12 with 88 wt.-% silver, balance metal oxides. The typical graduation of the latter are 8, 10 and 12. Additives improve the switching behaviour of the different materials.


  • contactors
  • automotive relays
  • powerline relays
  • miniature circuit breakers
  • switches for domestic applications


  • best anti-welding properties on make of all silver metal oxide variants up to currents of 5000A ( increasing with higher oxide content)
  • lowest erosion rate of all silver metal oxide materials of currents exceeding 100 A
  • significantly less material migration compared to Ag/CdO and Ag/ZnO
  • low contact resistance comparable to other silver-metal oxides
  • special additives keep the contact resistance stable throughout the service life
  • excellent arc extinguising properties, better than Ag/CdO for currents upto 70 A
  • free of toxic and carcinogenic components


The micron sized Sn02 particles are oriented slightly along the direction of extrusion.
Longitudinal Sectional
Ag/SnO2 92/8 SPW
Longitudinal Section
Ag/SnO2 88/12 SPW
Cross Sectional
Ag/SnO2 88/12 SPW

Physical Properties

Material Ag/SnO2 92/8 SPW Ag/SnO2 90/10 SPW Ag/SnO2 88/8 SPW
Density [g/cm3] 10.1 10.0 9.9
Electrical Conductivity [m/(Ω.mm2)] 48 47 45
Hardness Soft [HV1] 57 62 67
Tensile Strenght Soft[Mpa] 225 230 235
Elongation [%] 32 30 28