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Nov 15,2021
Just like manual labor was revolutionized with machines, production processes have now been taken over by CNC (computer numerical control) machines. It replaced the typical multi-spindle lathe machine and became famous for its versatility in a short period.

They’re a modern take on outdated lathe machines. To know more about what it offers, here’s a guide for your better understanding.

Benefits Offered by CNC Machines vs. Lathe Machines
Before moving further, let us be clear that CNC machines offer many benefits compared to lathe machines. Following are the key benefits:

Doesn’t Require Highly Skilled Operators
Previously, lathe work needed at least two professional operators, one handled lathe, and the second controlled the material. Besides labor requirements, it wasn’t convenient either.

With the establishment of computers and automated machinery, lathe and other tasks have become a lot easier. It only requires one operator who must know how to operate different machine functions, and the rest of the work is done by the machine.

Entirely Automated, Offers Quick & Convenient Process
Nowadays, mass production has become easier than ever, and the credit goes to CNC machines. The machine-controlled process provides a better outcome and is less daunting and time-consuming than before.

Whether you want to manufacture simple or complex parts with tight tolerances and unique shapes, CNC machines can do it all!

Extremely Versatile – Allows Creating All Kinds of Parts & Products
Unlike the manual lathe machine, a CNC machine is extremely versatile as it offers the production of all kinds of parts and products. Whether you need automobile parts or furniture pieces, they can manufacture anything.

Moreover, it has made shaping spheres and cylinders easier, creating parts that can be used to replace in other machines.

Almost 100% Accuracy
Human error can cost you multiple times. However, machines mostly offer exact accurate outcomes. This is one of the major reasons why CNC machine is preferred by manufacturers who require high and optimal precision. For instance, the health care sector.