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Nov 17,2021
If you have some experience with the CNC machining industry, you are bound to encounter some problems during the entirety of the production process. For novices or those who are getting to know the in and out of the machining production technique, you are bound to experience some problems at first as you will want to know the ins and outs of the entire process within a limited amount of time.

Understanding some of the common misconceptions and myths of the machining process will be crucial in terms of navigating the whole process. For those reasons, we are going to dedicate an entire post regarding some of the common myths and misconceptions about CNC machining.

It’s an easy and simple technique
It’s not the same for all, it’s usually 50/50. For others, it might be tough but for others, it’s a walk in the park, the ease of uses always stems back to the automation of the machining process which makes everything efficient, faster, and easier.

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, CNC machining is not as easy as it seems. It’s not simple but rather a bit complicated, as the process continues, you’ll continue to learn about different aspects of the machining process such as setting up your work area, making some changes and adjustments for improvements, programming as well as evaluation.

The advantages of learning the ins and outs of the machining process will not only improve production rates but also improve the quality of machined parts and products.

Everybody can control or monitor the CNC machines
One of the most common misconceptions is that the entire machining setup has been designed to be controlled by a less experienced operator. Well, to tell you the truth is that the operator must have the technical expertise and skills to perform various tasks and commands.

Some of the tasks that an operator performs include cycle monitoring, acceptability evaluation, sizing adjustments, cycle activation, dull-tool replacement, workpiece measurement, dull-tool recognition, loading, and unloading just to mention a few.

For other manufacturing firms, they will require an operator with an extra set of skills thus debunking the myth that anybody can operate the CNC machines without specialized knowledge. However, proper training and long years of operation will enable you to comfortably handle the CNC machines with so much ease.

It’s simple to estimate production time frame
In the production process of CNC machining, engineers and designers can comfortably predict when the production cycle is going to end. A machine with let’s say a 5-minute cycle will take approximately 30 seconds to load and unload, creating more than 200 parts and takes just under 18 hours to complete the whole process.

In theory, this might be true, but when it comes to practicals; there is a myriad of factors that might affect or hamper the production process. For example, the cutting tools may vary as they have different times depending on the material that’s being worked on.

CNC machining is a simple and easy procedure, if you have the right tools plus the necessary experience then you’ll enjoy using this machining technique.