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Jul 29,2021
Tungsten was discovered 236 years ago in the early 1700s but was not applied to any specific industry for another 150 years. Today, thanks to some innovative thinkers, advanced technology, and a lot of spare time, this durable metal isn’t just used to improve the manufacturing sector, but in many other unique ways as well.

Because tungsten comes in three separate forms, it can be crafted and modified in dozens of different ways. Tungsten carbide powder buyers was able to use the broken-down powder in some interesting ways. Here are a few examples of tungsten powder being utilized in today’s world:

Ice Fishing — With tungsten, ice fishers can use much smaller lures while maintaining sensitive contact with their offerings. They can “pound” the bottom to stir up sediment and gain the fish’s interest, as well. Tungsten helps the fishing lines stay straight and allows the lures to plummet and find active schools of fish.

Car Brakes — Some rotors are now being coated with tungsten carbide to allow for as much as 90% of the brake dust to be eliminated without losing braking efficiency. This might not be that unusual of a use for tungsten, but it certainly is an important one. The tungsten can also help drivers who consistently have dirty wheels because the improved brakes result in much less of a need to clean — along with better and safer performance.

Golf Clubs — Tungsten powder is 50% more dense than lead powder and is much safer to handle. Using this strong powder on your golf club will give you an increase in the swing weight, allowing you to improve your shot’s distance. Additionally, because tungsten helps you better position your center of gravity during your shot, you will be able to significantly improve your entire golf game.

Whether you’re a tungsten carbide powder buyer or you want to sell some tungsten sludge you might’ve come across, there is certainly a market for this material. Tungsten clearly has many uses. From recreational to safety and industrial, this durable metal is important in all kinds of global sectors.