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Oct 06,2021
The bimetal capsule contact is a small electrical component that is used in electrical systems. This small component is made with conductive metals or metal alloys. These small fittings have a high electrical current conduction property and are rust-free. This product of bimetal capsule contact is available in different shapes, sizes, and capacities to suit the different needs of our customers. Rs Electro Alloys. manufactured by metal capsule contacts are known throughout the market for their supreme quality and long-lasting utility. These fittings can be easily used in high-power mechanical devices for smooth functioning.

Specialty of Bimetal Capsule Contact 

The bimetal capsule contact tips manufactured by Rs Electro Alloys. undergo mandatory quality checks and efficacy tests. Even though the bimetal capsule contact components are made under expert supervision by professionals. The following parameters make contact tips made by us reliable:

Conductivity: The bimetal capsule contacts are made with an alloy that has a relatively high conduction power and helps in the effortless conduction of power in an electrical system. It has the suggested IACS or International Annealed Copper Standard value.

Corrosion Free: The bimetal capsule contacts are made with alloy combinations that are oxidation-free and do not corrode easily under the effect of weather.

Hardness: The bimetal capsule contacts are made with a sturdy and tensile metal so that they can bear great current loads.

Current Load: The large conductive coefficient of the bimetal capsule contact helping the easy distribution of the current load

Cycle Life: these bimetal capsule contacts have a longer life and utility due to their supreme quality

Size: The bimetal capsule contacts are available in different shapes and sizes as for the market demand.