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  • EDM brass wire and its application in EDM wire cutting machines


Oct 13,2023
EDM technology or the Electrical Discharge Machining technology has been around for some time now. EDM technology is used wherever conventional machining cannot be used, particularly on electrically conducive material like brass and non-ferrous metals.

However recently wire cut EDM has begun to replace the conventional EDM technology for various reasons. Wire EDM technology is commonly used when low residual stresses are desired. The advantages of Wire EDM are several.

1. Wire EDM increases production efficiencies
2. A high level of automation can be achieved since the process is computer controlled
3. Reduced margin of error and impeccable finish
4. Wire EDM sometimes replaces conventional EDM wherever intricate cutting is involved
5. Eliminates cutting stress and change in mechanical properties of the workpiece
6. Wire EDM technology helps achieve any desired cut shapes on any given electrically conducive material