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Apr 26,2022
Leading manufacturers of silver bimetallic contact rivets now believe that this is one of the best products with a wide range of variants and higher export value. The rivets come in a variety of types - including copper rivets, bimetallic rivets, aluminum rivets, electrical contact tips, bimetallic rivets, mild steel rivets and electrical contact rivets.

These rivets are manufactured and exported well all over the world. A bimetallic rivet refers to an entity consisting of two metals joined together so that joining two or more metals can give you benefits. For example, alloys and bimetallic materials are combined to form a multilayer metal. Noble technology aims to create a cheaper rate of higher quality silver bimetallic contact nail.

Production of bimetallic contact rivet:
When it comes to materials design and manufacturing, professionals are at their fingertips to provide clients with efficiency and intensity to access many requirements. Fixed contact nails are the oldest parts used and their production has a flexible contact material. Production takes place without skirmishes of fully computer-controlled but special cooling heating machines. The wire slag is then cut and the rivet head is formed by pressing and hammering. In this way, contact nails with different head configurations are produced, such as flat, domed, spherical or pointed - depending on the final application and the design of the switch as a relay. The compression of the mixture must be high enough for the gears of the two metals to shift to a unique atomic radius so that bonding forces can act between the atoms.

Contact Rivet Features:
Production of cold-painted electrical contact nails that allow entry points and indentation points to support automatic assembly. The parts are collected, checked and printed in one process at up to 300 parts per minute:

  • Fixed rivets
  • Double metal rivets
  • Special head components
  • Semi-tubular rivets
  • In those compound products