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Sep 03,2021
Tungsten is a metal that is not found in its pure form in nature. Usually, the metal is bonded to another metal deep inside the earth. Once taken out Tungsten must be extracted and purified so it will become the rare metal that is present is so many industries today. The metal has amazing properties which is one of the reasons the metal is so highly sought out for.

One of these properties is its high resistance to heat and corrosion, and the other is the durability of said metal and the great combining ability with other metals to make alloys and super alloys. Some of these alloys are made by mixing Tungsten with nickel and copper or nickel and iron, or just steel. As such tungsten has been a metal that has found use in almost all the industries we know today.

Some of them are:

– The aerospace industry
Since Tungsten is a high-density material it is highly sought out for in the aerospace industry. With a tungsten alloy,it’s possible to reduce the physical size of the component while still offering the durability and resistance of the component, and sometimes even a higher resistance than if the component was made from other metals.

Some of the aerospace alloy applications include inertial systems, fluid control wires, rotor blades, propellers, metal bars, trim weights and of course the missiles that are imbued with tungsten in the military aerospace industry.

– Sports and leisure
Some of the less known uses of Tungsten can be seen in the sports and leisure industry. For example, the finest darts are made from tungsten alloys. Also, horseshoes and golf clubs take advantage of the sturdiness that comes from the tungsten alloy as it offers perfect weight and balance. In the hunting sports, firearms are also made and benefit greatly from counterbalances made from tungsten alloys.

– The medical industry
When it comes to protection from radiation, Tungsten Heavy Alloy is a highly respected substance. Usually, the metal will be seen as a shielding component to the x-ray and radiation therapy machines. Its high-density alloys are also present in medical isotope production, container production, and other radiation shielding applications.

– The machining and tooling industry
Tungsten has even seen its use in the creation of working tools and machining appliances. The tungsten alloys make for stronger and sturdier tools of which some of them are: grinding quills, tool extensions, cutters and others. The benefits range from: high corrosion resistance, high breakage and chipping resistance, reduced vibration etc.

– The oil and natural gas industry
Since tungsten has radiation shielding properties its alloys are highly sought out in the oil and natural gas industry as protective equipment and many other appliances.  The casings which are sent down the holes to locate the oil must be heavy enough to sink through the mud yet strong and able to withstand intense hydrostatic pressure.

As you can see Tungsten can be used in many appliances in several different industries. This rare metal won’t see itself replaced in anytime soon as its special properties will make it a highly sought out metal even in future industries and appliances.